Thank you, Ann Arborites

Ann Arbor is a great place to be a first-time author, or anyone interested in books. First, there’s Nicola’s, which is a wonderful independent book store in the Westgate Shopping Center. Such knowledgeable staff, and a great vibe–friends’ kids have loved the children’s books there, especially. I’ll be reading at Nicola’s on the14th, and very much look forward to it.

Then, there are the lovely people planning the Kerrytown Bookfest, Robin Agnew particularly. They have been so supportive and warm (and are also the owners of Aunt Agatha’s, a great mystery bookstore). I’ll be at the bookfest, in the Kerrytown Concert Hall at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 12th, talking about historical fiction.

I was so touched yesterday when I went to my pilates class at Willow Wellness Studio and so many women in the class had read Rich Boy.  Willow Wellness Studio is on 205 East Washington, for anyone who is interested in pilates or gyrotonics instruction in the Ann Arbor area. The teachers are excellent, and the people in the classes are friendly, interesting (and well-read!).

Then I had a hair emergency, which happens every so often when you’re traveling as much as I have been this summer, and my amazing friend and hairstylist, Jo Vial at Davinci’s Salon (on South Main), fit me in at 8:15 at night, when the shop was basically closed. Just in time for me to get back on a plane tomorrow. Thanks again, Jo! What a town.

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