Great weekend in Chicago

Terrific reading at Women and Children First Books in Chicago. Thank you to everyone who came out for it.  The audience asked great questions; the snacks and wine, provided by Ricki and Josh Lowitz, helped make it a very friendly, welcoming event.

Friday at the Art Institute (I finally made it, after many tries, and always somehow showing up, over the years, when it was closed!). It was well worth the wait, plus I had great company:  I spent most of the my time touring the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit with Valerie Laken (author of the fantastic novel, Dream House). I especially liked Cartier-Bresson’s shots of Madison Avenue ad agencies, as well as his amazing documentary shots of the Former Soviet Union in the 1950s.

Today, went to a terrific Chicago event called Hoops in the Hood at Seward Park and watched some talented kids play basketball and compete for trophies. Helping to serve lunch, I discovered that most adults and kids either love onions or absolutely hate them. Few people have neutral feelings when it comes to onions on their hamburgers and hot dogs! Also, onions are a referee’s best friend if he doesn’t want players to get in his face…or so one ref told me on the QT.

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