Rich Boy

Robert Vishniak is the favored son of struggling parents in working-class Northeast Philadelphia. Handsome, charming and clever, he leaves his neighborhood behind to attend an elite university in New England on scholarship, eventually befriending the black-sheep son of one of the country’s wealthiest families. With ever-growing ambition, he ensconces himself among scions of unimagined luxury and influence, building a future that he believes will eclipse his humble past. Ultimately, he finds himself in the highest circles of Manhattan society, a real estate lawyer at center of Manhattan deal-making during the Reagan boom.  Then a chance encounter with a girl from the old neighborhood threatens to undermine his achievements and unravel his carefully constructed identity.

Ten years in the making, Sharon Pomerantz’s RICH BOY is a sweeping novel of class, sexual rebellion, money and love. A tapestry that interweaves the lives of poor and middle class, middle class and supremely wealthy, RICH BOY shows us four decades in an American century through the eyes of one ceaseless dreamer. It’s a book that looks fearlessly at both our desire to remake ourselves, and the price we pay for the privilege.